In Greece, only 2 out of 10 management positions belong to women. 


Women Act offers a package of activities which aim at equipping women with a comprehensive toolkit that will empower them and encourage them to become true leaders of change:

Leadership Academy

'Leadership Academy' is a non-partisan initiative of Women Act which supports and trains women that wish to become leaders in their respective professional fields. Participants in the programme have the opportunity to acquire substantial skills through hands-on trainings focusing on, inter alia, public speaking, communication strategy, conflict mediation and leadership activities. At the same time, the programme enables participants to grow their personal and professional network by interacting with women leaders of the public and private sector.

“Leadership Academy” is open to all interested stakeholders, especially young women. The basic goal is to encourage women to actively engage in public life, to claim leadership positions and to participate in the fight for equal representation in government.

Women Act Internship Programme

Women Act believes that young women must not be excluded from any professional environment. To this respect, we support and enable young women to acquire professional experience by becoming interns in various professional sectors. Our organization will act as a mediator, connecting young women who wish to develop professionally to women leaders in the private and public sector. The goal of the programme is to familiarize young women with the existing difficulties women face in their professional milieu and to push them towards closing gender gaps.

The programme strongly encourages participants to create and sustain an active internship network. Interns must share their experience via reporting on a weekly basis about their work at the Women Act blog. At the end of their internship, participants meet to exchange views. Their insights will constitute valuable input to all members of Women Act and to future internship candidates.

If you are interested in participating, please send your resume at

A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.

Pathfinder // An interactive mentoring programme

'Pathfinder' is an initiative of Women Act and The Fifty-Fifty Project that aims at connecting women leaders to young aspiring women. This interactive mentoring programme reaches out to women who have shattered the glass ceiling in their respective professional environments, be it in the field of politics, business, economics, culture etc.

Women leaders will share their experience, provide guidance and encouragement and accompany their mentees in their endeavour to fulfil their professional and personal potential. The goal is to create pairs that will work on an interactive basis, inspiring a truthful dialogue between the partners.

To learn more about the initiative, please click here.

If you wish to become a Pathfinder, fill in the form here.

Women Act Monthly Networking Events

Women Act organizes a networking event every month in order to bring together women from different backgrounds and professional milieux. In each event participants have the opportunity to listen to the personal story of a special guest, to share ideas and to exchange experiences.

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